My beloved 🤯 emoji pretty much sums up the beginning of WWDC week: yesterday’s Keynote and State of the Union contained so much, it’s not easy to unpack and process everything.

I’ve already tweeted some thoughts, mostly without snark, because I honestly believe Apple delivered an amazing series of announcements in a tightly-packed and completely fun to watch presentation, but the blog is a much better place for non-reactive comments and it will be entertaining - at least for me - to revisit this post in a few years, as I can now do with 2017’s.

Throughout the week I should be able to post my thoughts and impressions, so hopefully you’ll decide to stay tuned by subscribing via RSS.

Oh, while you’re here, I also have a great plan figured out that involves lots and lots of GlanceCam sales 🤑:

Jokes aside, here’s what I have posted so far for WWDC week; obviously I’ll keep the list updated:

Thanks for reading!