Warning: Weightrack has been retired and removed from the iOS App Store on March 31, 2021. I am keeping this page online, without modifications, for historic (nostalgic) reasons...

Weightrack keeps track of your weight quickly and efficiently, so that you don't have to think too much about it. Download it for free to:

  • Record your weight and check your progress;
  • Set a goal and reach it with helpful statistics, an optional weekly reminder and information about BMI (body mass index);
  • Automatically sync your data between different devices with iCloud, so you'll never miss a record.

  • Whenever you want to keep your current weight stable, gain a few pounds or lose a couple of kilograms (Weightrack allows you to choose between Metric and US/Imperial system), this efficient, polished app will help you stay focused on your goal.

    In science, the term "observer effect" refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed... and you can use that to your advantage! It has been proved that regularly tracking weight (in other words, observing it) highly increases the success rate of people who want to lose, mantain or gain weight. Weightrack really helps you doing just that!

    Weightrack: Your weight. Under your control.

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