Tasktic reviews roundup

This is a post I have postponed for a while… I’m not sure if I was trying to be humble or if I was too absorbed by a couple of projects (recurring tasks coming soon in Tasktic 1.4 and the new app we just launched, Always There), but here we are…
I want to take a moment and tell you about the amazing feedback Tasktic received in the last few months, after the first reviews roundup I published last November:

  • As you might have read before, last Christmas was very special for us, since Tasktic made it into the Top 10 Tech section of Product Hunt. We’re still amazed, proud and motivated by this acknowledgement.

  • On December 28, 2015 AppGratis.com team chose Tasktic as the app of the day and wrote that “luckily there’s Tasktic, a powerful task manager set to turn your productivity up to 11” by creating tasks that can be “as mundane as a reminder to water a plant or as long-term as investigating the rise of the robots. Either way Tasktic is the app for the job”.

  • The Daily Telegraph Sidney wrote about Tasktic in the newspaper published January 13, 2016: “If ‘being more organised’ is one of your resolutions, this could get you started”: Tasktic “stands out of its simplicity”. Seeing Tasktic in an actual newspaper was a moment of true joy!

  • ILoveFreeSoftware reviewed Tasktic on January 16, 2016 highlighting how it is “an amazing free iPhone app to add tasks via Siri” and pointing out that “Tasktic also comes with a beautiful and intuitive interface for managing your daily tasks”.

  • appPicker published a review, Tasktic app review: the only to do reminder app you will ever need, on January 23, 2016, writing that “Tasktic is one of the best reminder apps you’ll find in the App Store” and listing as pros “Great user interface, No ads, Includes excellent tutorials, You can alternate between viewing today’s tasks and all tasks, Create reminders for any task, Each reminder you create can include an extensive amount of information”.

  • The Popular Apps chose Tasktic as the popular app of the day of March 1st, 2016.

  • On April 11 Passione iPhone described Tasktic as an “easy to use task manager, but fully featured” that is “ideal for particurarly busy users”.
    On top of these professional reviews, Tasktic received an amazing feedback from users, and this is something with appreciated even more (by the way, Tasktic doesn’t bother you to leave a review, but if you like it and can take the time to write a few words in the App Store, they really mean the world to us!).

Here are a just a few of the reviews we’re so proud of:

  • This is the task app I have been looking for! It has a nice clean design. It is easy to add tasks, especially a number of them in a row. Love being able to organize them in projects and labels. You can add due dates and it is easy to switch views on what is due, past due, or all. Also, their support is amazing!!!” - User on the US App Store

  • Well designed, both useful and fun. I like that I can organize my everyday tasks into projects without the effort or complication some of the other apps require. The support is fabulous.” - User on the Canadian App Store

  • Great app, all said in two words. It is down to the point and you do not get dragged away in options. Then, it works fast.” - User on the French App Store
    What can I say? Thank you so much, this really inspires us to work even harder to bring you all the features and improvements our users deserve!