Reviews roundup

I’m a bit late with this post… Taskic 1.1 is already available in the Store and I’m already working on version 1.2 (it might actually take a few weeks to ship it, though), but I really want to aknowledge the time a few reviewers took to try Tasktic and write about it. Thanks, I really appreciate every kind word!

A few highlights from the first reviews:

  • *Ideal for users who are particurarly busy with day-by-day activities, who need a single hub for all their appointments and daily commitments. **- *Macitynet
  • *My personal favourite part of this app, is massively useful for people who like to add a bulk load of tasks in one go. There is a completely different tab for adding tasks, and you enter the usual project details, priority, tags, etc. But unlike the majority of other task manager apps, these details stay after you’ve actually created the task. So for example if I get a piece of coursework through for University, I can create a new project for that piece of work, then all the various individual tasks in one go. It just makes things much easier, and of course more productive. - *AppRecap
  • *A distinctive trait of the app, compared to many other apps of the same kind, is fanTasktic button, which helps users to understand on the fly, with a quick glance, if the task is due, if it’s still active or if, instead, it’s already been completed. **- *Macitynet

Other mentions: iSpazio,, ThursdayAppDay.

Again, thanks a lot for these reviews!

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