Tasktic 1.1 coming soon

Just a quick update, before a longer post I plan to write in a couple of days to tell you everything about Tasktic’s launch and to link to the amazing reviews it has received so far.

Today I submitted Tasktic 1.1 to the App Store for review. Here’s what’s new in this first update:

  • You can now change the name of projects and tags after you’ve created them: go to Projects & Tags and swipe from left to right on the cell containing the project or tag you want to rename, then tap Edit name.
  • Minor bugs have ben squashed.

Tasktic 1.1 has been submitted to Apple just 5 days after Tasktic 1.1 launched. Too soon? I don’t think so: I’m going to release new versions as soon as the features and improvements I’m working on are ready; this means that some updates will be released in a short window of time, and others will sometimes take a little longer.

Of course, Tasktic evolution will benefit greatly from Users’ feedback. Please, get it touch if you have any suggestions or - let’s hope not, but nobody’s perfect - any issues.

You can expect to receive the update to Tasktic 1.1 in about 10 - 12 days, after the review process from Apple will be completed.