GlanceCam 2.9

GlanceCam 2.9 is now available in the App Store, less than a week after that version 2.8 shipped.

This release adds the ability to export your list of cameras and actions (Glances, in GlanceCam’s parlance) for backup and also for deploying the same set of cameras on multiple machines quickly and easily.

Obviously, since you can export, you can also import those files later or on different machines running GlanceCam; please, store your backups files safely, as they will include your devices IP addresses and credentials in human-readable format.

You can find Import Glances and Export Glances in the File menu and inside the app Preferences.

Under the hood this version also adopts a newer version of Swift, to future proof things even more.

A lot of work is going into GlanceCam’s development: this is the 16th free update in around a year and a half!

This week I also updated the app’s mini-site to streamline the description a bit and make it clear that DVR/NVRs are not supported; finally, I began writing a FAQs to help clarify some doubts perspective customers might have.

If GlanceCam provides you value, please consider leaving a 5 star review and, maybe, sending a tip (you can do so from the app Preferences). Thanks!