GlanceCam 2.8

GlanceCam 2.8 is now available in the App Store and brings improvements to the app’s automation capabilities:

  • The already existent URL scheme (glancecam://?camera=01, where 01 is the camera number as ordered in the app Preferences) now also works when the app is not running: it launches GlanceCam and then selects the camera you specified in the URL scheme.
  • There’s also a new action available via URL scheme: glancecam://?fullscreen=true (or false) sets the fullscreen mode of GlanceCam on and off; please be advised that this is not a toggle: if GlanceCam is already fullscreen and you ask it to enter it again, by design nothing will happen.
  • You can also combine multiple URL scheme actions in a single string: glancecam://?camera=02&fullscreen=true selects the second camera AND enters fullscreen… how convenient!
  • GlanceCam now supports AppleScript too, both for switching cameras and setting the fullscreen mode:
    tell application "GlanceCam"
      select camera 2
      set fullscreen true
    end tell

Shipping this update took longer than usual due to some hiccups in my code related to tips… a warm thank you goes to the very patient person (or persons) of Apple’s App Review who very gracefully waited for a bug to be squashed and to Matt, who once again helped me when I found myself out of my depth. Go take a sneak peak at his amazing Go editor for macOS, Chime! As much as you’ll want to, you can’t lay your hands on it yet, because it’s still in closed beta, but it looks amazing and it will be worth the wait.