PhotosUpload 1.1

A few days ago I had to take a few photos at work, and my extended usage of PhotosUpload “in the field” brought up a few tweaks I felt were could improve the app.

Enter PhotosUpload 1.1. This new version includes:

  • A new upload progression view (basically, a HUD with a progress indicator and a 7/20 upload counter);
  • A recap, at the bottom of the list, of the total number of photos and the number of images already uploaded;
  • Minor bug fixes (the main one being a jumpy scrolling of the tableview while uploading many photos that is now gone).

I also edited the metadata in the App Store from a plain app name to “PhotosUpload - FTP uploader”, hopefully helping discoverability, and added the system-default “ask for review” prompt after a successful upload operation. Marketing!

After launching the app, I got feedback requesting SFTP support; I’m pretty busy right now (mainly my jobby job and, when I can, working on GlanceCam 3.0), but I can see that coming sometimes in the future. Stay tuned!

Obviously PhotosUpload 1.1 is a free update available right now on the iOS App Store.