App updates: Walk More 1.3 and GlanceCam 2.4.2

Apple has approved a couple of app updates to help me kick off the new year in a good way.

Walk More, my iOS pedometer, got some developer love and now supports iPhone XS / XS Max screen resolutions; I also fixed a couple of bugs that sometimes affected the charts’ labels.
Walk More is now even more polished and pleasant to use and, while I’d still like to add an Apple Watch component sometimes in 2019, for the time being this update makes the app really solid for most users, who only carry their iPhone with them and don’t wear a Watch.
Walk More is still free, and is great if you’ve never used a pedometer or know someone who made a new year’s resolution to be more active, so check it out!

GlanceCam has been updated with a few minor bug fixes and the addition of its Privacy Policy to the Support menu.

I am so thankful for some of the reviews GlanceCam is getting and I found them very motivating to keep improving it:

  • “Finally, A Cam Viewer that Works!”
  • “I use GlanceCam pretty much all day”
  • “This app makes viewing all of my cameras possible from one interface and I LOVE THAT”
  • “Remarkable and instant support”

Hopefully, in January I’ll be able to ship something more, but don’t want to jinx it.