I almost missed a post about an issue I wanted to write about again for a very long time, and now I am glad I haven’t because Dan Moren did (obviously) a much better job!

“What the iPad needs in this case is nothing less than separate accounts, linked to separate Apple IDs and iCloud accounts, providing access to each user’s individual settings, apps, and media. Each user has a separate passcode to log in to their account or, better yet, on the new iPad Pro, it simply recognizes who you are via Face ID.”

This is so true. Everybody understands Apple earns more money from selling a gizmo to every person in a household, but our favorite fruit company has never been one to deliberately compromise user experience for money; knowing that many devices, especially iPads, are shared between family members and ignoring the fact that these users are unable to access a customized Springboard, settings and iCloud data to me is nothing short of articially worsening their experience to push sales, and that’s not the Apple I love. On top of that, I believe many base storage iPads currently sold would be iPad Pros (or at lease regular iPads with larger capacity) if the device would provide full value to more users.

But these are only my opinions, and I recommend you to read “The iPad, HomePod, and Apple TV need multi-user support. Here’s why” over on Macworld for a more complete analysis.