Now, this is a merry Christmas

I had a quick post planned for today, to wish you and your families a merry Christmas and to officially announce the much requested new feature that’s coming in Tasktic 1.3 next January, but a few minutes ago I’ve received an amazing gift from Tasktic’s best friend Chris Hannah of today he submitted Tasktic to Product Hunt!

So, I’m here to wish you the best Christmas possible, and also to ask you to check Tasktic out on PH, and maybe - if you think it deserves it - give it the gift of your upvote, helping it to reach the home page

What about the new feature in version 1.3, you ask? Let’s just say that I hope you’ll find a certain timepiece under the tree.

Merry Christmas, I already know mine will be good because having the chance of being on Product Hunt is a dream come true!