Being too optimistic

As it happens when you don’t account for delays, I’ve made a mistake: I planned to launch Tasktic today, November 5, and I announced the date when I submitted the app to the App Store Review.

Turns out, I’ve been a little too optimistic about the approval time, also because I had to fix a small error I made not with the app itself, but with the metadata submitted to Apple: the app name I initially chose was a bit too long and explanatory, so I’ve had to shorten it to “Tasktic - manage your tasks, not a task manager”.

I’m very sorry to miss my own, self-imposed launch date. Tasktic will launch very very soon, I’ll let you know here and on Twitter as soon as it’s approved.

Update November 10, 2015

Tasktic is now available for download on the App Store! Please, get it now and share it with family and friends!