Introducing ContactsAMI

February 1, 2018

Some say that the most useful apps are made to fulfill a need of their developers. That’s certainly the case for ContactsAMI, a simple utility that I made to save myself a lot of time.

I’ve recently installed a VOIP PBX and phones at work (in the next few weeks I plan to write a brief tutorial about that, for beginners like I was 3 months ago), and finally something I’ve always wanted was within reach: dial a phone number without typing it on the phone, something we do with cell phones but seems so hard on desk handsets.

Enter ContactsAMI, a macOS app that lives in your menu bar with a complimentary plugin for your Mac’s default Contacts app.

With ContacsAMI, you can initiate (originate, for Asterisk connoisseurs) VOIP phone calls using your existing PBX supporting AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface): just select who you want to call and your VOIP phone will start ringing; when you’ll pick up, a new phone call will be made to the contact you selected.

ContactsAMI is now available to anyone who wants to leave the past behind and never type a phone number again.

You can try ContactsAMI for free for 7 days and experience its convenience while verifying that it is compatible with your setup; if the trial will convince you that typing phone numbers is archaic, and it absolutely is, you’ll be able to purchase an unlimited license for just $ 9.99.

Never type a phone number again, let ContactsAMI make your calls!

Where am I?

In sunny Italy ☀️ 🇮🇹