Walk More Privacy Policy

Walk More developer cannot view any personal data (steps, floors, graphs, etc…) saved in the app or in its Notification Center widget; all pedometer data is saved only locally on your device and never sent to a server.

Unless you contact me for support, I don’t know who you are, because you purchase Walk More directly from Apple on the App Store and you don’t need to create an account, nor provide personal details such as name, address or email, to use it.

I want you to know that Walk More uses Google analytics tools (Firebase + AdMob), a well-respected and secure solution adopted by many popular apps, to collect anonymous and aggregated usage informations; I need data about crashes, number of users and most popular sections to make Walk More better, more powerful and reliable.

I can’t connect these analytics data to a specific user, nor I want to: I don’t collect personal data by design.

These anonymous usage informations will never be shared with third parties, with the exceptions of Google itself (the informations mentioned above are collected, aggregated and stored on Firebase + AdMob servers, according to their terms of service).

As for every other iOS app, if in your device Settings you enabled the option to share your diagnostics and usage informations with Apple, I will have the possibility to see, anonymously and in a way that cannot be connected to you or any other specific User, some aggregated usage statistics provided by Apple. You can verify if you have enabled the anonymous sharing of these informations with Apple by going to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and Usage; in that section you can find more informations regarding the usage data collected by Apple in case you grant your permission. If, after reading Apple informations about it, you will decide to share with Apple app usage data, you will do a big favor to every app developer, me included.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact me via email at support@cdf1982.com.

I reserve the right to modify this document; if I do, I will publish those changes on this page, updating the following modification date.

Last revision: January 3, 2019.