MousHero for Safari Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

MousHero for Safari approach to privacy is very simple: all your data belongs exclusively to you.

This is particularly important for a browser extension, as it may access sensitive informations such as passwords, privileged informations, banking details, etc.

For this reason, MousHero for Safari only works locally on your Mac, inside Safari:

  • The app and Safari extension are completely sandboxed;
  • The app and Safari extension do not connect to any server managed by or accessible to the developer;
  • The app and Safari extension do not store your browser content or history on disk and do not keep any log of the executed action URLs;
  • The app and Safari extension do not include any third party framework or library for analytics, sync or anything else.

If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact the developer via email at

I reserve the right to modify this document; if I’ll do that, I will publish those changes on this page, updating the following modification date.

Last revision: April 13, 2023