Link HUB Privacy Policy

Link HUB approach to privacy is very simple: your data belongs exclusively to you.

Link HUB development team cannot see any data (absolutely nothing!) accessed and viewed inside the app or anywhere else on your devices/network while the app is running.

We also want you to know that Link HUB doesn’t use any other third-party, non-Apple, service to monitor the usage you do of the app (number of times the app is run, for how long, which sections are most popular, etc…) or for any other purpose; to be explicit, Link HUB does not communicate with any server run by the development team or by third-parties for app dependencies, with the only exception of Apple servers if you enabled the option to share your diagnostics and usage informations with Apple.

Link HUB uses CloudKit for syncing your data between your devices in your private and secure iCloud account. We obviously cannot access your iCloud, which is provided by Apple directly to you.

If you subscribe to Link HUB Pro, we won’t receive your data and personal informations from Apple, as the subscription is handled directly by the App Store. Please Link HUB’s Terms of Service for further informations about subscriptions.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via email at

We reserve the right to modify this document; if we do, we will publish those changes on this page, updating the following modification date.

Last revision: July 27, 2020