ContactsAMI release notes

ContactsAMI 1.0 (30.01.2018)

  • 🆕 Use the ContactsAMI app in your Mac’s menu bar to search for the person you want to call, select her name, clic on one of the phone numbers and initiate the call: your VOIP phone will ring right away and, when you’ll pick it up, that number will be dialed for you.
  • 🆕 Initiate a phone call directly for your Mac’s default Contacts app: clic on the label near a phone number and select “ContactsAMI VOIP call” to have your handset ring and dial that number as soon as you pick it up.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ContactsAMI requires macOS 10.12, a PBX compatible with AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) and an already configured and working VOIP phone. AMI needs to be enabled on your PBX, and you’ll need your server configuration (IP, port, etc.) and AMI credentials to set up ContactsAMI. The app will need local access to your Contacts.