Best of 2021

I’m compiling 2021’s list at the very last moment, in a bit of a rush and not really feeling it.

After this super-inspiring introduction, here’s what I picked for 2021 (same categories I used in my previous posts, and as always no affiliate links):

Best song: Chvrches’s Final Girl, and the whole album is great.

Best album: Cassadee Pope’s Thrive, and especially What the Stars See, Say it First and Break Too.

Best book: TFW you realize a year went by without you reading a decent book… 😬

Best movie: Danny Collins, which I saw on January 3. Honorable mentions: I Care a Lot and a pretty unknown and slow-paced movie, 10 Items or Less, which I very much enjoyed.

Best TV show: The O.C.. Yes, really. Runner up: The Americans. In other news, I believe 2021 was a rather terrible year for new shows…

Best podcast: My choice for the media category I dedicate most time falls on a big podcast I actually started enjoying so much more this year, Cortex.

Best tech podcast: I think I’m going to kill this award, it’s always the usual suspects…

Best investigative reporting podcast: The Dropout, which is actually so much better that Bad Blood The Final Chapter.

Best news article I read: How an Excel TikToker manifested her way to making six figures a day

Best Mac app: It took me a while to set it up just the way I want it, but this year’s winner is easily Timing.

Best iOS app: I’ve been using it for years, but I realize I never awarded one of my most used apps, News Explorer. Great on macOS too, actually.

Best videogame: It’s been the killer application convincing me to buy a Xbox Series S, and I understand I’m awarding it mostly for the graphics and the amazingly vast open world… but Forza Horizon 5 is an easy pick for me.

Best video: If you have a dozen hour or so, President Biden’s Inauguration is my choice, for all it represented. Can you believe January 6 is less than a year ago? Fun fact, it’s the second time Joe Biden wins this category. The guy will go places!

Happy new year! 🥂 to a best, safe and healthy 2022!