I haven’t blogged in a while, but a quick celebratory post is in order: today GlanceCam reached 300 ratings in the Mac App Store 🎉:

The average ratings value has been stable for quite some time. 4.1 is not where I’d want my main app to be, but a RTSP camera viewer is necessarily a bit technical to setup and therefore bound to have a few 1-stars ratings from Users who didn’t really read the App Store description or watch the video. Still, I’m confident to keep it grow over time.

Development of GlanceCam for Apple Silicon is ongoing, moving slower than I’d want due to a still-unfixed bug in VLCKit that it’s causing issues with the initial sizing of the streams, but I’m working on it and hopefully it won’t take too long for this highly anticipated version to ship (it won’t happen in November, though, as I am attempting a different kind of personal challenge this month… ✍️).

See you at 500! 😉