Introducing Link HUB for Mac

I am very happy to announce that, less than two months after its introduction on iPhone and iPad, Link HUB is now available on macOS too, thanks to Catalyst: version 1.5 is already in the Mac App Store and is free!

Link HUB is a dashboard from which you can quickly launch any URL (and I mean any: websites, URL schemes, HTTP GET calls for automation, deep-linking into apps, IFTTT webhooks and so on).

The app started as a small utility on iOS and iPadOS (where it’s a good multi-tasking citizen), but can sync links on all platforms with iCloud (while offering the option to have some links only available on certain devices, for instance only on Macs, or only on iPhones / iPads) and even supports NFC reading and writing; getting started with Link HUB is easy, thanks to the optional examples the app can add for you during the guided onboarding.

Link HUB 1.5 for iOS / iPadOS 14 is also available today in the App Store as a free update and introduces compatibility with the Mac version while adding full support for the latest release of Apple’s mobile operating system.

For Users who want more than 4 buttons and NFC support, an inexpensive subscription ($ 3.99 total for 1 year of Pro access on all platforms) is available as an option, and highly recommended to support the app’s future development.

It would mean the world to me if you decide to try Link HUB and tell your friends about it!