Link HUB with NFC tags support

The 4th update to Link HUB, my iOS and iPadOS dashboard to launch any kind of URL and URL scheme, has just landed in the App Store, and it is the biggest one yet… actually, version 1.4 adds the feature the app was originally imagined for: you can now use inexpensive NFC tags to trigger the launch of URLs you saved in Link HUB: Shortcuts, home automations, direct calls and messages to specific contacts, websites, web-hooks, and so on…

A short video is worth a thousand words:

As you can see, this enables all kinds of automations: Link HUB can write cheap NFC stickers for you, to associate them to specific links. After Link HUB writes a tag with the specific informations it needs to recognise it later (and this procedure is very easy and completely automatic!), scanning it from inside the app will immediately launch the link; even better, tag reading even works when the app is not running, if your iPhone supports background NFC reading: for recent iPhone models you’ll receive a notification and, as soon as you’ll tap it, your link will be immediately launched.

NFC tag support is a really cool feature, implemented for the easiest and fastest usage possible, and requires the inexpensive - $ 3.99 total per year - Link HUB Pro subscription (and, obviously, some writable NFC tags).

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for some human-understandable and not-too-nerdy informations to get you started with NFC… no previous experience with NFC required, as everything is completely automated by Link HUB!

I really hope you’ll love using NFC tags as much as I do!

You can download Link HUB for free in the App Store.