Snapthread 2.0

A couple of days ago Snapthread, my go-to app for sharing short video montages, has been updated to version 2.0.

As described on its new website, “Snapthread is a simple, casual video editor and slideshow maker for iOS that works with videos, still images, and Live Photos.”

Version 2.0 is a solid update that brings an easier flow for editing, lots of new functionality including filters and bounce effects, a greatly polished UI and an iPad version that takes full advantage of the device’s big canvas.

I’ve been using the new version in beta for a while, and it’s rock solid, so I can’t recommend Snapthread enough for stitching together multiple videos and photos – still and Live – and sharing them on social media or with friends.

You should absolutely check it out: Snapthread is free to download, has a stellar 4.4 reviews average on the App Store and offers a generous 30 seconds limit for export, with a discrete watermark, but I recommend to go straight for the one-time purchase, conveniently priced at $ 5.99, to unlock Snapthread Premium forever, removing any limitation and supporting the development of an indispensable indie app!