GlanceCam 2.7 coming soon

I am very excited about the new features in GlanceCam 2.7:

  • The toolbar in the upper-right corner now includes a couple of additional buttons: the first to toggle audio on and off (if the camera supports it) and the other to reload the video stream if, for any reason like a lost network connection, the playback would freeze.

  • The lucky owners of a MacBook with TouchBar can now change cameras and control the app directly from their 2170x60 magic strip.

  • GlanceCam now has an URL scheme that allows to switch camera from outside the app! Any custom application or AppleScript can call the glancecam://?camera=17 URL and switch to that video stream; just replace “17” in the example URL with the camera number you want to switch to (as listed, counting from 1, in the app Preferences). A couple of additional informations for nerds: if the camera number is out of range or the URL string is incorrect, the switch operation fails “silently” to avoid interrupting the video stream and, for now and pending additional improvements, you can only switch to a different camera if GlanceCam was already running.

GlanceCam 2.7 is currently in review by Apple and will be available as a free update in the next couple of days (or so).