GlanceCam 2.6

GlanceCam 2.6 is now available as a free update.

This version introduces a couple of features requested by Users; being special behaviors, both are off by default and can be manually enabled in the app Preferences.

  • Swipe left/right (with 2 fingers on trackpads or 1 finger on a Magic Mouse) to switch to the previous / next camera.

  • By default, GlanceCam pauses playback when the screen is locked (i.e. the screensaver is running) or the app is minimized, but you can now enable continuous playback and never pause video/audio playback; if you enable this feature, on some camera models it might take a while before playback resumes when you wake your Mac from sleep (if you experience delays longer than 15 seconds after waking up your computer, would you please let me know?).

If you need help with anything, please get in touch at and, if you have time, I would be incredibly grateful if you’d leave a review.