GlanceCam 2.4.1

No matter how much you test a feature, bugs find a way to sail off and keep company to your code when you ship…

GlanceCam 2.4.1 has just been approved and fixes a bug that occasionally prevented the app to enter fullscreen mode and to appear in Exposè; it happened only when visibility in all Spaces was enabled, and it turns out I didn’t test those cases well enough. Sorry!

This is a good occasion to remind you that GlanceCam has a lot of convenience features and shortcuts:

  • You can double-clic anywhere inside the camera view to enter and exit fullscreen mode (and GlanceCam is a good Mac citizen at that, properly supporting split view);
  • Holding the right mouse button down zooms the window temporarly;
  • Pressing + o - changes camera, as does the Space key… and if you already know the camera number, you can access it directly with the number keys 1 through 9;
  • CMD + 0 resizes the window at 50%, CMD + 1 at 100% and, guess what, CMD + 2 at 200%;
  • CMD + S saves a snapshot to your Pictures folder and CMD + Y toggles the “Always on top” option that keeps the app floating above all others and visible in every Space.