GlanceCam 2.4 with insta-zoom + Privacy Policy

I finally got around adding a small but very useful GlanceCam feature that I always wanted for myself 😃.

Version 2.4, currently waiting for review from Apple, is great if you usually keep a small GlanceCam window in a corner of your screen to keep an eye on a camera: you can now right-click and hold down the mouse button anywhere inside the window to temporarily zoom the camera at 2x of the natural size; when you release the mouse key, the window will return to its original size and position.

No animations, no manual resizing or keyboard shortcuts necessary: just an additional, quick way to get the most out of your cameras directly from your mouse and without interrupting your workflow.

Keep an eye to the App Store to download GlanceCam 2.4 while it’s fresh out of the oven!

I also formalized GlanceCam’s Privacy Policy, so you can have absolute peace of mind about your data.