GlanceCam 2.3 coming soon

GlanceCam 2.3, submitted today to the Mac App Store for review and hopefully available for download in the next few days, will contain some features requested by its Users:

  • GlanceCam now supports full screen mode (including side-by-side full screen with other apps); you can enter this mode by double clicking anywhere inside the app window, or with the usual green button in the upper left corner of the title bar. If you just want to maximize GlanceCam without going full screen (the previous behavior), press the ALT key while clicking the green button.

  • The Next and Previous camera actions introduced in the last update are now available also by right-clicking GlanceCam’s icon in the Dock.

  • GlanceCam pop-up list of cameras (present only when multiple webcams are configured) can now be moved to the upper left corner or at the top center of the window; that’s useful if your camera places informations like time or its name in the upper right corner, where the pop-up list used to be (and, by default, still is). You can choose your favorite position from the app Preferences.

I always appreciate Users’ feedback, and I think the features suggested recently and implemented with this update really helped improve GlanceCam in everyday use. If you agree and the app is useful to you too, please consider leaving a 5 star review and, maybe, sending a tip (you can do so from the app Preferences). Thanks!