GlanceCam 1.2

I’m very thankful for how well the launch of GlanceCam is going: being another niche product, I wasn’t sure there would be a market for it, and instead the number of sales has so far exceeded my (modest) expectations. Thank you!

Here’s what’s new in GlanceCam 1.2, already available on the Mac App Store:

  • You can now save a PNG snapshot of the video to the your Pictures folder by hitting CMD+S, clicking the Save icon, or selecting “Save snapshot” in the File menu.
  • GlanceCam didn’t restore the window size and position between sessions; now that bug has been fixed, and it will stay just where you want it on your screen every time you launch the app.

Thank you for using GlanceCam! If you know someone who might find it useful, I’ll really appreciate the word of mouth!