GlanceCam is here

I’m glad to introduce another nerdy and niche Mac app: starting today, GlanceCam - IP webcam viewer is available on the Mac App Store.


GlanceCam is a highly configurable app that lets you keep an eye on an IP camera (webcam) and optionally perform custom actions via HTTP(s) requests, all without a browser.

GlanceCam is a product of lazyness: one day I found myself alone at the office and I had to get up from my chair a bazillion times, like an animal, to open the front gate. So, the most “straightforward” thing to do was to get ourselves a nice IP camera and an ethernet relay, and make them work together in a well made macOS app, so that we can keep a small window showing the gate video stream on our desktops, and open to visitors with just one clic.

You can read more about what GlanceCam can do for your Internet of Things setup, and learn about its hardware requirements, here; if you’re intrigued, you can already purchase GlanceCam for only $ 2.99 on the Mac App Store.